CAM Special Initiatives

Green Museums Initiative

The Green Museums Initiative (GMI) inspires museums to develop green business practices, eco-friendly facility management, and sustainable programming.  

Leaders of the Future and Strategic Foresight

The Foresight Committee is an outcome of the Leaders of the Future program. The members will research current trends and facilitate discussion to define strategies for a more sustainable future. To learn more, see Future Trends.   

Fellowship and Scholarship Programs

CAM's fellowship and scholarship programs help to diversify the California museum workforce and support emerging museum professionals. These programs are spearheaded by CAM's Multicultural and Emerging Professionals Committee to increase the number of underrepresented communities in museums as paid staff members, namely individuals of Latino/Hispanic, African, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent.   

California Networks for Collaboration

Twelve partnering organizations have been examining how museum associations and other service providers can adopt collaborative learning strategies for the benefit of the California museum field. The vision is a cohesive and networked professional community, which will lead to a more relevant future for museums in a changing California. 

License Plate Campaign

CAM is working with state officials to establish a special license plate for museums. The vision is to create a special license plate program that will provide funding for California museums. To learn more about the specialized license plate, see   

Museums United Phase 2

Museums United was a convening of representatives from 46 state museum associations in March 2014, co-sponsored by the American Alliance of Museums and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). This was a significant event in defining the purpose of state museum associations. CAM was awarded a two-year grant from IMLS to support the second phase of Museums United. The desired, overall outcomes of Museums United Phase 2 were: (1) a strengthened national network of state museum associations and (2) the enhanced capacity of state museum associations to serve museums and museum professionals. For more information, see Museums United Phase 2.   

California Connecting to Collections Project

CAM was awarded a Connecting to Collections implementation grant by the Institute for Museum and Library Services in 2010 to administer a two-year, statewide preservation information, education, and training project for California heritage institutions. In partnership with the California Preservation Program, Balboa Art Conservation Center, California Historical Society, California State Archives, California State Library, California State Parks, California Library Association, and other partners, this project served as a test bed for an ongoing service, whose goal will be to develop a self-sustaining culture of preservation management. This project continues through 2015 with funding from The Getty Foundation and workshops are available to museum, library, archive, and historical society personnel.

These special initiatives are supported by CAM's strategic plans and supported by our members and supporters.