Case Studies

For eight years, CAM Fellows have written case studies based on sessions they attended at the annual CAM conference. Over the summer, CAM will highlight one case study in each edition of CAM e-News, as well as a blog post in the CA Museum Community Online. Case studies are also available from previous years below. 

Looking Local: Engaging and Supporting Underserved Communities


 Community Engagement has become a focal point for museums and many musuems still have progress to make in this field.  This case study investigate how the Oakland Museum of California and The Crocker are extending their institutional mission to reach beyond the physical museum walls.  

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By: Mariel Rowland

Looking Local_Rowland
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Collaborative Community: Organizations Who Play Together, Stay Together

Now more than ever, public institutions of learning, teaching, education, and research must come together to collaborate and work with one another.  This case study explores how different museums and organizations came together to collaborate on unifying themes to create joint knowledge products and how power dynamics in content play into the end result.  

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By: David Da Wei Liu

Collaborative Community
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Take Action Toward More Inclusivity


"Internal inclusivity and accessibility demonstrates that an institution is well prepared to provide the best service for their public. Learn about the tools that Museums are using to become a more inclusive and accessible institution."

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By: Brenzy Solorzano