2023 Conference

CAM 2023: On Common Ground 

The last several years have brought about unprecedented change in the museum field, reflecting the shifts in society at large. From revenue streams uprooted by the pandemic and public safety measures, to a renewed focus on race, equity, and labor that have caused deep reflection and changes to entrenched practices, the recent themes of museum work have been rooted in change. In 2023, museum professionals from across California will be ready to come together and look forward to how we can embrace those changes and move forward as a field.

The 2023 CAM conference, On Common Ground, took place in Oakland, March 8–11, 2023. Museums and museum professionals have experienced extraordinary changes and opportunities in the last few years. After a virtual conference in 2021 and five mini-conferences across California in 2022, CAM is thrilled we were able to gather together once more with our colleagues on common ground again.   



CAM 2024 – What's next? 

CAM is planning for 2024! We are looking forward to hosting the 2024 annual conference in Southern California. Monitor this space for announcements about the Call for Proposals, Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities, and more. 


 Thank you to our CAM On Common Ground ENGAGE and LEAD sponsors!
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