2018 Preliminary Program


Pre-Conference Workshops

10:00AM- 12:30PM
Prepare to Impress: Institutional Research for Cover Letters and Interviews

Introductory/ Multidisciplinary 
Marcus Wojtkowiak, Science Program Coordinator, Randall Museum; Joy Tahan Ruddell, Museum Collections and Registration Specialist, JTR Collections Management
Securing an interview for a new job and making a positive impression is a daunting task. Sometimes it feels akin to playing darts in the dark. This workshop is designed to shed some light on the process through institutional research strategies, practice with cover letter writing, and preparation for interviews.
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will learn how to conduct research on an institution to help write a well-tailored cover letter and feel prepared for an interview. During the workshop, participants will have time with a facilitator in a group to dissect and optimize the effectiveness of their cover letters.
Capacity (min/max):
 $15, registration required
Santa Rosa Ballroom, Renaissance Palm Springs (NEW LOCATION)


12:00PM- 3:00PM
Raise More Money by Leveraging Language and Creating Relationships

Introductory/External Affairs (Development, Membership, Marketing and Public Relations)
Facilitators: Christine Jeffers, Agent for Good; Elevating Good, Kristin Bertrand, Associate Director Director of Development, Major Gifts, San Jose Museum of Art
Raising major gifts is all about relationships. In this panel, we will discuss tools and strategies that can help you turn friends into donors. We will start by exploring donor empowerment – after all, you are giving them an opportunity to live out their charitable aspirations. Since communication is the root of any successful donor relationship, we will also share tips and tricks to help you land that meeting.  
Learning Outcomes: Discover the five most powerful phrases in fundraising, create a personal “direct value statement,” get advice on productive and strategic communication, identify what motivates their donor prospects, and leave with a blueprint for next steps to take their donor relationships to the next level.
Capacity (min/max): 15/35  
Cost: $45, includes lunch, registration required
Location: Renaissance Palm Springs, Chino Classroom B

12:00PM- 4:00PM

The Tiny Museum and the Big Strategic Plan

Intermediate/Museum Operations (Human Resources, Accounting, Guest Operations)
Facilitators: Amy Cohen, Executive Director, Exhibit Envoy; Stefanie Ritter, Museum Program Supervisor, Hi-Desert Nature Museum; Robin Stewart, Museum Programming Manager, La Quinta Museum
Ever thought your museum is too small, too unimportant, too understaffed, your collection too random, too unorganized or unimportant, and your staff too overworked and overwhelmed to even consider writing a strategic plan? In this workshop, tiny museums will talk about the benefits of producing a strategic plan that reinvigorates and refocuses staff and gives your collections an opportunity to shine.
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will have the confidence that even the smallest facility with very few staff can produce an achievable strategic plan and feel empowered to do so, as well as feel pride for their tiny museum.
Capacity (min/max): 10/20  
Cost: $35
Location: La Quinta Museum, 77-885 Avenida Montezuma, La Quinta, CA 92253


1:00PM- 4:00PM
Going Outside:  Expanding Mission Delivery Capacity, Reaching New Audiences, and Providing New Experiences by Using Outdoor Spaces

Advanced/Public Programs (Education, Outreach, Research, Evaluation)
Facilitators: Karen Wise, Wise Strategic Advising; Sue Oh, Vice President, Education and Programs, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles; Carol Bornstein, Director, Nature Gardens, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County; Michelle Sullivan, Principal, Mia Lehrer and Associates; Fabian Kremkus, Design Principal, CO Architects
Urban and suburban audiences are looking for fun, free exploration/free choice learning opportunities outdoors. Museums have outdoor spaces just outside their walls, whether they are using them or not. Working in groups, participants will discover how to become relevant community resources by developing creative ways to leverage outdoor spaces to better fulfill their missions, with or without creating programmatic gardens.
Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn dynamic ways to use existing outdoor spaces, how to develop and run programmatic outdoor spaces, and how these programs and spaces can expand audiences and deepen impact, as well as provide critical teacher education, family learning, and fun.
Capacity (min/max): 12/36  
Cost:  $25, registration required
Location: Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert, 71701 Gerald Ford Dr, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


1:30PM- 3:30PM
Getting your Foot in the Door: Mastering the Elusive Interview

Facilitators: Joy Tahan Ruddell, Museum Collections and Registration Consultant, JTR Collections Management; Marcus Wojtowiak, Science Program and Facilities Coordinator, Randall Museum; Michelle Powers, Consultant, Fundraising Strategy Consulting
With so few jobs and so many applying, how do you stand out? Hone your interview skills before your next job interview. Use an “informational interview” to your advantage by showing your interest in their mission. Become someone they think about when a job opens up. Interviews are a good time for you to sell your unique skill set and show you are exactly who they need.
Learning Outcomes: Participants will hone their general interview skills, learn how to set up and prepare for an informational interview, and receive the tools needed to set up and conduct a short informational with someone they met at the conference.
Capacity (min/max): 15/30  
Cost:  $15, registration required
Location: Santa Rosa Ballroom, Renaissance Palm Springs (NEW LOCATION)

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