2020 Case Studies

Authentic and Informed Native American and Museum Partnerships

This case study will help those who wish to form partnerships with their local tribes, who currently represent native cultures in their exhibitions, or who seek to improve their relationships with these communities. This article outlines the challenges museums may face when reaching out to native groups, why these challenges exist, and some resources to help develop reciprocal relationships between museum and native peoples.

By: Sara Smallhouse, Board Member, Museum of Northern California Art; 2020 CAM Fellow

Photo: Chicago Field Museum, Sara Smallhouse

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Medium, Meaning, and Memory: A Community-Based Archive at the Heart of Local Artistic Identity

This case study of Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG) explores how an arts organization can help shape the cultural and artistic identities of a community. It will examine SHG’s history and current work as well as how it relates to another Los Angeles institution.

By: Jed Surio, Collections Assistant, Wende Museum of the Cold War; 2020 CAM Fellow

Photo credit: Self Help Graphics & Art

Watch Jed's webinar recording.