2015 Case Studies

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Inside the Box Office Design and Institutional Success
COLLABORATOR: JenniferFragomeni, Director of Facilities and Operations, Exploratorium
AUTHOR: KellyTang, CAM Fellow

A Model for Meaningful, Community-Centered Engagement: Lessons Learned
COLLABORATOR: Micah Parzen, Chief Executive Officer, San Diego Museum of Man
AUTHOR: Davida Persaud, CAM Fellow

Strategies for Including Native Perspectives in Educational Programming
COLLABORATOR: LaurieEgan-Hedley, Director/Curator, Barona Cultural Center & Museum
AUTHOR: Monica Moncada, CAM Fellow

We Have a Dream: Building a Multicultural Workforce
COLLABORATOR: Cynthia Querio, Program Associate, Getty Foundation
AUTHOR: Juan Carlos Jauregui, CAM Fellow

Museums and Technology: Creating Accessible Spaces for Visitors with Disabilities
COLLABORATOR: Jennifer Fragomeni, Director of Facilities and Operations, Exploratorium
AUTHOR: Kristen Hayashi, CAM Fellow

Beyond ADA: Listening to What Access Really Means
COLLABORATOR: Beth Redmond-Jones, Senior Director of Public Programs, San Diego Natural History Museum
AUTHOR: Sarah Haft, CAM Fellow

Digging In: Measuring the Deep Impact of Teen Programs
COLLABORATOR: Kai Monet Flores-Emnace and Madison Brookshire, Education Program Coordinators, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
AUTHOR: Sol C. Alvarez, CAM Fellow

Best Practices in Administering Online Volunteer Platforms
COLLABORATOR: Sean Devereaux, Manager, Volunteer Services, Aquarium of the Pacific
AUTHOR: Helen Alonzo Hurtado,CAM Fellow