Acquisitions Registrar

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California


Acquisitions Registrar – this role primarily coordinates the safe receiving of all new artifact acquisitions through donations, sales, and transfers, is responsible for all aspects of documenting those transactions, and maintains related registration records to the highest standards. The Acquisitions Registrar mitigates risks by supporting good cataloging, collections storage, and management practices, and attending to collections-related facilities issues, such as IPM and climate control. This position will periodically support exhibits by securing and receiving new acquisitions, maintaining database records, and assisting with installations and regular cleanings. This position is fulltime - hybrid, with a minimum of 32 hours onsite during training, and a minimum of 24 hours onsite per week after training, as responsibility permits.

Salary: $65,000 - $72,000 Annually

For more details and how to apply, go to Acquisitions Registrar - CHM (