Early Childhood Education Specialist


San Mateo, California


Full-time, non-exempt, 40 hours/week

CuriOdyssey inspires love for science, curiosity about the world and supports the next generation of critical thinkers. We are a youth centric interactive STEM education center and zoo and have a fantastic opportunity for a an individual passionate about STEM education for young learners as an Early Childhood Education Specialist.

This position develops STEM content, leads a preschool summer camp and engages learners 3-5 years old in robust learning experiences. Early childhood programs utilize our approach of learner-driven experiences that leverage the curiosity and imagination of youth and are inclusive of diverse learning styles.

We seek someone who has experience with early childhood education programming, respects children as intelligent learners and committed to a learning process that is rich, authentic and safe. For more information visit our website at Early Childhood Education Specialist - CuriOdyssey.