Botany Department Apprentice (Part-Time, Temporary)

San Diego Natural History Museum

San Diego, California


STEM APPRENTICESHIPS: The San Diego Natural History Museum science research apprenticeship program provides training and mentoring in curation, imaging, databasing protocols, and collections-based research to students, to prepare them for continued advancement in biological sciences, which can translate to career pathways in academia and research, as well as biological consulting.

BOTANY DEPARTMENT PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The apprentice will learn the steps from acquiring herbarium specimens through filing them into the collection. Apprentices will learn how to mount/prepare, accession, database, image, and file scientific specimens into the herbarium collection. Skills in pest management, taxonomic curation, and herbarium good practices will also be gained. Plus, depending upon the experience of the apprentice, the Curator may conduct specific collections-based research work with the successful candidate. Apprentices will receive daily instruction, guidance, and follow-up for all tasks assigned. Apprentice must create a report/presentation on their work at the end of the apprenticeship.

Pay: $18/hr

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