Scholarship opportunities for the next conference have not yet been announced. Review the standard eligibility requirements below.



Scholarship recipients must meet at least one of the eligibility criterion listed below, be residents of California, describe the benefit of attending the conference in their application, and include a resume.


Preference is given to applicants who meet the following criteria in the order of weighted importance:

  1. Candidates from historically underserved populations, including, but not limited to, Latinx/Hispanic, African, Asian, Native American, and Pacific Islander descent;
  2. Emerging museum professionals with less than five years’ experience;
  3. Staff or volunteers employed in areas that are underrepresented at the conference, such as curatorial affairs, development and marketing; 
  4. Staff or volunteers from museums in rural areas, including, but not limited to, Central Valley and far Northern California.

Note: Past CAM conference scholarship recipients are not eligible.