2014 Case Studies

Shifting the Dialogue Around Development: How to Make a Major Gift Ask
COLLABORATOR: James Leventhal, former Deputy Director for Development, The Contemporary Jewish Museum
AUTHOR: Irina Zeylikovich, CAM Fellow

The Adoption Museum Project: The Museum as a Vehicle for Social Change
COLLABORATOR: Laura Callen, former Director/Curator, Adoption Museum Project
AUTHOR: Barbara Mumby, CAM Fellow

City Beneath the City at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: Artist Looks at History, History Looks at Itself
COLLABORATOR: Rene Yung, Artistic Director of City Beneath the City, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
AUTHOR: Lauryn Porte, CAM Fellow

The Mission Greenbelt All Together Now: Collaborative Models in Contemporary Exhibition Production
COLLABORATOR: Meg Shiffler, Director/Curator, San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries
AUTHOR: Stephanie Malyn, CAM Fellow

Transformations in California Museums: Strategizing the Exploratorium’s Move
COLLABORATOR: Tom Rockwell, Director of Exhibits and Media Studio, The Exploratorium
AUTHOR: Karlie Drutz, CAM Fellow